Enjoy The Gift Of Transforming A Child’s Life Today

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Enjoy The Gift Of Transforming A Child’s Life Today

January 15, 2018 Business Services 0

Of numerous organizations, not for profit NGOs, private and government schemes, subsidies, charities, a few are able to do any good. This is because the demand and supply gap is too huge to ever be able to fill. Things occur in a number of ways, natural and artificial. These bad things such as a disease outbreak, crisis due to war, cause a lot of developed places become ruins in a matter of years. So, offering help as much as possible is very little whatsoever. There can never be any amount of money that can fill this gap. Such gaps lie everywhere from in our own neighborhood too far away in places like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and many such countries in Eastern Africa. They need money to go ahead, prosper and survive. In many places, people do not have basic amenities like clean water, sanitation knowledge, access to education and so on. This has resulted in a struggle to survive in the modern day ways. If you are not educated you do not have a means to earn money and you cannot even cook your food.

Thus, basic facilities are absent from one place to another, and this can change.

What can we do about it?

One way to think is that nothing can be done. And, that would be a right statement to make. In another way, if we try to give even a penny a day, a lot can be done. So, the perspective needs to be shifted to the latter argument. When people ask for donations there can be so many reasons. One might want to build a church while another is looking to feed 50 families in a small village hit by drought. If we, donors, can recognize the importance and can stand by the decision, a lot can be changed. Our money goes into unsolicited means of expenses, bullied by the government for taxes and other things. If that could be used for NGO donation, a lot can be changed. We do not guarantee that everything will change, but things will certainly be better than yesterday. And, we can do a lot about it together.

When we hear a new of a crisis and people or even governments asking for financial help, we feel pity. There are those who have an unlimited source of wealth, and there are those who farm their own food and sleep in a mud house. The charity donation is not about making the rich, poor or the poor rich, but to help the unprivileged survive.